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Expand your career horizons with a professional resume

In today’s career market a professional resume is not a whim, but the only working way to help you obtain a desired position as fast as possible. Why?

As the competition for well-paid position with career prospects only grows, you need a tool that will underline your strengths and make you outstand from the midst of other candidates. Meanwhile, a do-it-yourself resume usually simply lists the names of positions and the tasks handled. Such a resume doesn’t present you in a better light and thus does not maximize your chances to get a job.

Resume writing is a skill and has its own peculiarities. And if you don’t have this skill, your career will only benefit from getting some help from a resume writer.

What does a resume writer do?

  • Uses the business language to make you sound professional on paper
  • Works on word choice to make your achievements more convincing
  • Prepares a strong summary statement
  • Adjusts the resume for your desired position
  • Develops and effective resume structure and design
  • Highlights your skills and strengths
  • Shows your potential for a specific position you want to apply for.

Finding a resume pro

The above advantages of resume help will only work for you if you hire a skilled and qualified resume writer. However, finding one is not such an easy task as it can seem. Despite the big number of resume writing services, the level of their writers is completely different. Some of the writers can simply rewrite your resume while the others will take it to the next level.

How to distinguish a professional resume company with skilled writers and a second-rate service? The signs of certifications and praising testimonials will barely help. The only proven way to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a resume company is the opinion person who already bought from them.

Let our reviewers help you choose

The number of resume services is lavish and it’s easy to get lost. Our website offers you a landmark – original reviews of resume services. Each review contains detailed information about prices, writers’ qualifications, usability of the site, quality of resume writing and customer support.  The services which got the highest rating from our reviewers are available in the Top 5 table at the top of the site.

Amazing discounts

The other advantage of visiting our review website is discounts for resume writing. Some of the resume companies offer discounts and special offers, and we want to share them with you! Get discount codes for the best resume services and save up to 20% on career packages.

freeresumesites.com review

freeresumesites.com review and discounts Description I have solved the problem with writing a resume but later I have faced with the fact that it is rather difficult and time taking to seek for resumes of candidates in the internet. At first, it was difficult for me to find the suitable data base. It was mentioned on the site that thanks to this service you can have access to hundreds of free resume databases and job posting sites from one single more

jobgoround.com review

jobgoround.com review and discounts Description It always seemed to me that all the resumes of people applying for new positions are the same. They all are being written according to similar template and I always thought that the only way to impress the employer is to show him your education, professional skills, together with experience. So, I wrote the resume according to the template which I found in the internet. I was surprised to see that none of the employers more

resumecentre.ca review

resumecentre.ca review and discounts Description I don’t like to write essays and other written assignments, because my imagination is not that developed. So, when it has come to resume writing I understood that I need some help from professionals. I started to look for a good writing service, and as there are quite a lot of them, I faced with the problem of choice. When I entered this site, I have noticed testimonials. When I have read them, I decided more

resumelaunchpad.com review

resumelaunchpad.com review and discount system Description I always wondered about the way people find their job position. Of course, I know that they write professional resumes and send it to different companies and their employers. I am a law student and you may be surprised but it is rather difficult for me to find job. Not all the companies are well known, so it was difficult for me to find employers who are looking for lawyers or attorneys. I always more

militaryresumewriters.com review

militaryresumewriters.com review and discount code Description For a person who graduated from the military academy it becomes rather complicated to find job. Of course, there is a huge variety of job positions, but it is rather difficult to represent your experience to civilian employers. I faced this problem last year when after the graduation I started to apply for job vacancies. After numerous rejections I understood that my resume is written not professionally. This site was the first one that more

fivestrengths.com review

fivestrengths.com review and discounts Choosing the best and the most reliable resume writing service is no walk in the park. It seems to be very challenging. FiveStrengths.com offers professional resume writing and coaching for executives and real job seekers. FiveStrengths.com is experienced producing custom resumes for directors, vice presidents, presidents, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CEOs in all types of industries.  The website is rather inconvenient, I could hardly find the necessary information concerning the Pricing, Order form, About information. However, more