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fakeresume.com review

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fakeresume.com review and discounts


A website offering the e-book with secrets of successful resume writing. It had a plenty of good tips, but didn’t help me in the process of writing itself. Moreover, I didn’t want to spoil my good reputation, so I’m now looking for a good writing company.
I had a stable, ‘proper’ job when one day suddenly discovered a job opening of my dream with a competitive salary. I thought that a resume update would significantly increase my chances, so I started looking for some resume writing guides. Why guides? Because once I had an experience of dealing with a writing company who took around $200 for a mediocre, dull resume I could have written by myself.

Details of order

Fake resume promises an e-book which reveals the dirty secrets of hiring managers. The author claims that you should lie in your resume to catch the attention of an employer. I was not sure whether it was ethical; however, I did need a working guide for writing a resume, so I ordered a copy of the book worth $37.
A book contained a plenty of good tips I could use in my resume. However, faking a degree or employment sounded like nonsense for me. I did not want to spoil my good reputation by being caught on the lie in my resume. Moreover, if you know these secrets, it doesn’t mean that you automatically become a skilled writer. I rewrote my resume, but it still sounded inconsistent.

The bottom line

It’s completely up to you whether to buy this book or not. The only thing you should keep in mind is what you do it for. If you, just like me, need a resume rewrite and update, the book won’t be very helpful. Now I’m making up with an idea that I will have to hire a resume writer anyway.

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