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professionalcvexperts.co.uk review

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professionalcvexperts.co.uk review and discounts


If you need a CV shortly, you may try help online. Internet offers a wide range of online services providing with CV writing and many more. Like this particular website says, increase success rate and earn potential in three steps, which are to discussing a requirement, writing of a resume and improving success rates together with prospects.


The website is easy to navigate. There is a navigation panel with options to choose from for easier navigation. There is a blog among the options to view. One may see loads of interesting blog posts within the material provided by the service. The information is surely about employment so a job hunter will find it very entertaining. There are CV reviews and testimonials available for viewing just as well.


Despite the seasonal offer to save 25% on executive career management package, the pricing remains a bit too high. In addition, there are broken links. What I noticed also were glitches and mistakes within the textual information of the website itself. I do not think it is trustworthy and reliable in such a case because I think everyone would agree with me upon the matter that if the service`s official website contains errors, it does look suspicious and questionable whether one should apply for help on there.

Quality of paper

Just what I thought, the website cannot be trusted because like I thought, the quality left real a lot to be desired if it comes to a showdown. It is not professional for a company like that providing with so serious services, to contain mistakes within its text, which is viewable for everyone entering the site. Every visitor is a potential customer, you know. There are not that many people in this world who would still try it despite all the negative moments about it. All the positive feedbacks are like a soap bubble to me. My CV did not look ordered and to the point at all unfortunately.

Policy of price

Here, we observe the exact same situation as it is with order section. There is no such a section just like there is no section with prices. This all leads to confusion for visitors who might feel like placing orders but do not know how to do it due to no application form available. If to speak in terms of clearance and transparency, let alone affordability and accessibility of the website, Perfect Resume org is supremely well and fits as a fiddle.

Order details

There is contact information available in case of any questions. Also, the service offers consultations Monday to Saturday for 12 hours a day in a row. There is no ordering form available to view and fill in. It is very inconvenient because I belong to many other customers who pay attention to accessibility of order details and price list in the first thing.


There is information upon people working for the service, its partners, list of services of course among which are not resume writing only but a cover letter and LinkedIn profile I actually asked for applying for help and even an interview coaching but the prices for all that are unreasonably high and there is nothing about an interview coaching for example, I did not know of. Everything I found out was easy to find on the net.

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