You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression

As the studies show, recruiters spend in average 6 seconds on a resume. Are you sure that your resume is good enough to pass this test?

All you need to resolve the troubles with finding new employment is a help of an experienced professional who can make your resume exactly like the employer wants to see it. Your task is to find this professional. Our mission is to help you in your search.

The qualities of a resume writer

Not every writer can be a good resume writer, though. Resume writing is a set of skills and qualifications. A certified resume professional usually possesses the following qualities:

  • Good resume writer markets you. Instead of giving the list of what you did during your previous jobs, he describes you in the way which appeals to employer
  • Focuses on your achievements. The writer underlines how your performance was beneficial for company and its revenue
  • Enriches resume with keywords. As most of the companies put the resumes through the special software first, an experienced writer ensures the presence of these keywords in your resume
  • Designs it according to the highest business standards. No one will read a good resume if it has awful template and poor structure, so a good writer will make your resume look appealing
  • Knows the industry specifics. Each industry has its standards and requirements of how a resume should look like and which language to use. The writer uses this knowledge to make you look competent and professional
  • Withdraws the recruiters’ attention from sharp details. Employment gaps, career change – the writer will tone down these and other ticklish points in your resume, focusing on your professionalism and dedication.

Insider’s look on your resume

The other major advantage of getting professional resume assistance is that a resume writer can look at your resume by the eyes of employer. It helps him focus on employer’s needs, shape your resume and make it just like the recruiters want it to see.

Such a resume is focused on employer’s needs and will get more attention that a generic one. And it means that your chances for interview will increase dramatically.

Our reviews

Our resume writing services reviews are your guide through the world of numerous resume services. To make them more helpful for you, we keep our reviews:

  1. Short and informative – not everyone has enough time to read endless pages of text. Thus, all our reviews are quite laconic and contain all information that you as a potential buyer might be interested at
  2. Genuine – we check each review before publication to make sure the information in it is correct. Note that all our reviewers are people who already BOUGHT from a service – other reviews are not accepted
  3. Non-promotional – we make sure that our reviewers don’t want to promote a certain resume services and never publish fake or promotional reviews.

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