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www.domycv.com review

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www.domycv.com review and discounts


Any career and real job experience starts with a professionally created resume. If you need one, there is no problem. You can get it in a blink of an eye applying for help online. I am going to tell you all about one of such companies providing with a CV writing service. As it says, to order online is simple. Even though English is not your native language and you are far from knowing it on a proper level.


The service stands out as long as it looks different, to begin with. Its color palette is chosen nicely in yellow and blue with a pinch of white. There is sort of a navigation toolbar but it is not above anything else and not even below but aside, to the right. There are special offers available. You may save money ordering certain packages on here. There are testimonials and gift vouchers available as well let alone CV writing topics advertised recently. You may also receive a free advice plus checking and go through interview coaching.


The site is a bit too slow at loading, to begin with. Despite the special offers, the pricing remains excessively high.

Quality of paper

I should say that the service I mentioned is better in terms of quality too because the quality it provides with is fantastic. I applied for help more than once and each time there was something to admire with. Hats off to its team of writers, editors and proofreaders.

Policy of price

There is neither a table of price, nor a price calculator. Add to cart and you will get to see the pricing. In my opinion, it is too high for an average quality of papers this service offers. I think the pricing policy should be modified to attract more customers and, of course, there is a lot to think about on the way of changing the quality from average to at least good.

Order details

Section Online Order & Payment is for you in case you decided on ordering a CV on here after all. There are a Pinnacle CV, a professional CV, Career Builder CV, Graduate/Student CV, LinkedIn service, LinkedIn service \9ordered with a CV) and many more and a cart. You can view the cart and add to it like shopping online.


It is needless to say that it is not enough to just be good-looking. It is just a pleasant bonus. What is essential is to be able to satisfy customers in case you provide with service online or products. A satisfied customer is a happy customer and when the customer is happy, it rises up a company`s chances to be asked for help again and the happy one will bring more customer advising the service to everyone s/he knows. That is what I do and that is what most people do unless they do not want to share.

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