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www.resumepooler.com review

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www.resumepooler.com review and discounts


The company offers mentorship, resume distribution, personal branding, interview preparation and resume writing within the package of its services. It has quite navigable dashboard, which makes it easier to browse the website. One is able to look through the pricing, walk-ins, jobs, internships, to put through online tests, courses, find an institute, see how the service works and view the testimonials kindly left by the regular customers.


Speaking of testimonials, they are all positive like on any other website. It is unlikely for a website to post a negative testimonial anyway. The website is easy at navigation. It is nice of the website to have online tests and courses available. The design is simple and nice at the same time. It is minimalistic and colorful enough to catch one`s eye.


Advertisement is the first thing a visitor sees entering the site. This is no good because it is annoying. It offers to subscribe, which most people hate just as well. Normally, we visit websites with a certain aim and it is unlikely for them to want some more additionally. There is no discount system. It does not say anything upon the level of writers` qualification working for the website. In addition, the policy of price is rather costly. It is beyond means for most people especially students, which are the target audience of this service and its management has to consider it.

Quality of paper

Unfortunately, there are no samples available for viewing but as practice shows, even if there are any, it does not mean for your paper to be as perfect as it is shown in a provided example. I have come across such a situation a couple of times and the only service I can definitely recommend due to its excellent work is CV resume writers. You will get precisely what you signed up for.

Policy of price

I went to the pricing tab on the navigation panel and got to see a price table, which surprised me a lot. First of all, the pricing is fairly expensive. Secondly, the service mentioned above has it double less the least. Thirdly, the quality of papers it provides with is not the one to pay such amount of money for. Of course, they can talk for hours how good they are but talking is one thing and acting like one is another. It is like a nicely looking cover of a candy with a terrible filling inside. Does anyone want a mawkish dessert?

Order details

If you feel like some, I mean mawkish dessert, it works the following way: you may email or call the service to inquire; pick a package; a specialist will be assigned to accomplish the task for you; then you discuss what you want with the specialist assigned to meet your requirements; then in-depth analysis will be conducted for a quality check and deliver straight into your hands.


On one hand, the service is okay; on the other hand, it gives a feeling as if too much is going on. If the service wanted to look luxury basing on its rates, it has succeeded undoubtedly. The quality if too low whilst the pricing is too high. There is a lot to be modified. First thing I would remove is the popping advertisement.

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