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jobgoround.com review

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jobgoround.com review and discounts


It always seemed to me that all the resumes of people applying for new positions are the same. They all are being written according to similar template and I always thought that the only way to impress the employer is to show him your education, professional skills, together with experience. So, I wrote the resume according to the template which I found in the internet. I was surprised to see that none of the employers replied me back during the month I was sending my resume. When one of my friends started to read the resume I wrote, he started to laugh at me. He told me that this resume is unprofessional and should be rewritten. I decided not to waste my time and to make an order on one of professional sites. I found this company by a chance, while looking through the internet. The site was rather ordinary, but I liked the fact that it contained a lot of useful information, so that I decided to make an order.

Price Policy

I looked through the site very carefully but I didn’t find prices to be represented there. That was rather suspicious, so I decided to contact the administration of the site. I managed to do it via email. I explained the problem and in 3 hours the admin replied me back. He informed me that the price for the resume writing will be $289. It is very expensive and unfortunately, up to this moment I didn’t know that prices can be much more affordable, as on Classy Resumes, for example.

Quality of Support

I guess that it is very inconvenient that there is no live chat on the site, because it takes the admin quite a lot of time to answer the message of each customer. I waited for 3 hours and who knows, maybe next time it will take even longer. You should be ready to wait.

Quality of paper

I received my paper within the deadline and it was the only positive event. I can’t say anything good about the quality of the resume, because I can’t say that it was changed in any way. My resume remained the same. It was not witty and it didn’t look professional, as if the writer just changed the format of my paper and that was all. I was totally disappointed with such and event.


So, the paper I got was average. However, it could have been better.

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jobgoround.com review

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