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resumecentre.ca review

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resumecentre.ca review and discounts


I don’t like to write essays and other written assignments, because my imagination is not that developed. So, when it has come to resume writing I understood that I need some help from professionals. I started to look for a good writing service, and as there are quite a lot of them, I faced with the problem of choice. When I entered this site, I have noticed testimonials. When I have read them, I decided that this service should be really great, because all the testimonials were very positive. Later, I understood that these comments were fakes, and now I am sorry for the fact that I believed them. In that moment I was really impressed by the professionalism of the site and I liked its menu. It was rather simple and contained all the necessary information, which appeared to be very useful for me.

Price Policy

One more thing that I was very interested in was the price policy. I expected that prices for resume writing will be sky high, but I was wrong.

Starter Resume
Less than 6 months total lifetime work experience $56.00

 Intermediate Resume
Under 10 years total lifetime work experience $72.00

Senior Resume
Between 10 and 20 years total lifetime work experience $88.00

Advanced Resume
Over 20 years experience. Also:
– Anyone in a medical profession – doctors, nurses, etc.
– Company directors, both private and public $104.00

As you can see, prices are pretty affordable. Only later I understood that the lower the price, the worse is the quality.

I ordered Starter resume, as I had insignificant working experience.

Quality of paper

 I was shocked when I received my resume. It looked ridiculous, as if it was written by a person, who doesn’t speak English well, and has no experience in resume writing. I was totally disappointed, as I couldn’t send such a resume anywhere. I was afraid to be laughed at.

Quality of Support

My effort to contact support team and ask for revision was failed, because this site doesn’t have live chat and the only possible way to contact the admin is via email. Nobody answered me! Can you imagine that? I was absolutely disappointed, as I cannot even refund my money.


I think that it is better to choose another service! Luckily, my friend advised me to make an order on Perfect Resume org. This site surprised me with amazing quality of the paper, affordable price and nice attitude of the support team.

Have you ever placed an order with www.resumecentre.ca/ before?

resumecentre.ca review

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