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resumelaunchpad.com review

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resumelaunchpad.com review and discount system


I always wondered about the way people find their job position. Of course, I know that they write professional resumes and send it to different companies and their employers. I am a law student and you may be surprised but it is rather difficult for me to find job. Not all the companies are well known, so it was difficult for me to find employers who are looking for lawyers or attorneys. I always thought that it would be great to find a service which would send your resume instead of you. So, I was very happy at first, when I found this writing service. I looked through the site but I didn’t like the design. It was too excessive, as there were a lot of banners which were constantly distracting my attention. The only thing that worried me was the reliability of this company.

Price Policy

Resumé Launchpad is said to be priced reasonably. At $0.25 per job application, you can apply to most law firms in your area for less than it costs to bring a date to the movies. I chose Washington DC package which includes:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Alexandria
  • Bethesda

It cost me $30 per month.

Quality of service

Unfortunately, in 3 days I received an email in which I was informed that money that I paid were used, that my resume was sent to many companies and I was asked to pay more. I had some doubts, because during these days nobody replied back to my resume. I decided to wait for one more week, but even after it passed, no one replied me back. I was very disappointed and felt my self cheated. I had some doubts about the reliability of this service from the very beginning and it was unpleasant for me to find out that everything was true.

Quality of Support

I contacted support team and asked them to provide me with the list of companies they have sent my resume to, but unfortunately they didn’t manage to do this. They started to lie to me, saying that they are not allowed to tell this information, which sounded ridiculous. I have paid for the service and should now to what companies my resume was sent for.


This site is not very useful. You can find cheaper site, that is for sure. Luckily, I ordered resume writing on Perfect Resume org and this company completed such a perfect resume for me, that I won a lot of interviews and now I am a member of the staff one famous company.

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resumelaunchpad.com review

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