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styleresumes.com review

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styleresumes.com review and discounts

Style Resumes dragged my attention at once because of the creative, unusual site design. The company specializes in making creative resumes and guarantees to shorten the time you seek for employment. Well…that sounds tempting, doesn’t it? The services offered by them are not limited to classic resume and letter writing; they also provide their clients with video and graphic resumes, web portfolios and business cards.

Prices and how it works

I really needed a bright, eye-catching resume. Such a resume costs $100 for graduates, $150 for professionals and $250 for executives. A colored graphic resume prices vary from $150 to $380. Video resumes are $190 and above, and for $100-$200 you can get a cover letter done for you. So, in order to get a creative resume and a cover letter, I paid $380.

However, the site didn’t explain how it worked, so as soon as I paid, I wanted to call them to find out how to proceed, but found any phone number! I was really surprised. All I could to was to send them an email. They got back to me quite soon, though; and after I sent all documents they needed for resume completion, I was given the contacts of my writer.

Quality of writing and support

What kind of support can offer the company which doesn’t have a phone number or a chat? I don’t think email is useful in all cases. Nevertheless, the writer was working on my package and I expected to get it in 4-5 days. And I did. The cover letter was great, but I couldn’t say the same about a resume. I paid for resume writing, and the writer didn’t change my content much. He just formatted it in graphs and bright picture. This wasn’t what I expected.


Speaking about positive sides, the resumes they offer can really help you outstand and I got a brilliant cover letter. Nevertheless, the site is a real disaster as it doesn’t explain you a thing about how the entire process works. What is more, the writer didn’t rewrite the content of my resume as I expected. You can use this service, but keep the above things in mind. Moreover, there are no rush delivery options; for those, you’d better contact bigger companies like Here.

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styleresumes.com review

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